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#6 x .035"T304SS WOVEN MESH

                                 #6 x .035"T304SS WOVEN MESH

     Part Number: DUP6x035T304SS
    Material Stainless Steel T304
    Mesh 6 x 6 per inch (per 2.54 cm)

    Wire Diameter 0.0350 inches, 0.8890 mm

    Opening Size 0.1317 inches, 3.35 mm

    Opening Area: Percentage: 62%

    Overall Thickness 0.07 inches, 1.778 mm

    Weight 0.54 lb/sq foot, 2.64 kg/sq meter

    Full Roll Length 100 feet / 30.49 meters Standard Widths 48    inches
   Weave Type PSW
   Mill Finish
   Typical Uses: Air vents and filters
   Comments Hard to bend by hand and can be cut with tin snips

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