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Insect Screen

  •  Photo shows an example of Black Aluminum window screen.
  • "Bronze Lacquered" is long lasting and  bright (90% copper and 10 percent zinc)
  • "Restoration Bronze" used in restoration of antique home windows and door screens.
  • Copper is used for antique home screens and high end gazebo screens.
  • Pet-resistant window screen is 7 times stronger than regular insect screen.
  • Stainless steel insect screen is excellent for coastal and inland regions.

        * Window screens are NOT intended as a safety device and they will NOT prevent falls.

18x14 Aluminum x .011"
18x14 Black Aluminum x .011"

18x14 Brass x .011"

18x14 Bronze x .011"

16x16 Copper x .011"

18x14 Stainless x .011"